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MIC Code of Conduct

Amendments – Code of Conduct

“The following rules /amendments to the existing Code of Conduct are added to enforce discipline:
–          Presence in the training sessions would enhance a players chance to get into the league/T20 games
–          Training sessions are to be conducted by Nets-Coordinators/Trainers
–          Nets-Coordinators/Trainers have to inform the selectors on the player’s participation and performance during these sessions
–          At the start of any game all 11 selected players must be at the ground at the reporting. All selected 11 players, without exception, are required to actively participate in the ground preparation.
–          At the conclusion of the game, all the selected players have to actively participate in clearing up process – all ground equipment including removing and storing the mat, score boards, playing equipment. No selected player, without exception, shall leave the ground until the clearing up process has been completed and all the equipment returned to the storage room.
–          During the game, all players without exception have to accept captain’s decisions without protest. It is the duty of each player to support the captain in executing his duties to the best of his abilities. Shouting and other disruptive behaviour will be a factor in future selection of the offending player.
–          Availability Emails have to be answered by all members, who wish to be selected, by mondays in a definitive “YES – I am available” or “NO – I am not available”.

Criteria for Team-selection:
–          Performance in previous games
–          Participation in training
–          Discipline
–          Commitment
–          Behaviour during games & in the training sessions
–          All so called fringe players are to get chances to play as many games as possible as per rotation and performances
These players will be preferred to play in friendly games as well.
Captain/V.-Captain has the right to bring any matter to the board/selection-committee as regards repeated bad behaviour of any players during games/ training sessions. Such players might not be selected in the next 1-2 matches.
Our comprehensive Code of Conduct has procedures for players to properly air their grievances.